Mekong wetlands fisheries

Wetlands such as floodplain lakes, reservoirs and swamps play a key role in maintaining the diversity and productivity of biological resources in seasonally flooded areas such as rice farming landscapes and floodplains. Small waterbody fisheries in the Mekong region are intensively exploited and often actively managed and enhanced. We have worked with the Regional Development Committee for Livestock and Fisheries in Southern Laos (RDC), the Livestock and Fisheries Section of Savannakhet Province and the Thai Department of Fisheries to evaluate management strategies for wetland fisheries. The research builds upon, and aims to help improve indigenous management practices through rigorously designed, participatory experiments. Observational and experimental studies in Laos involving more than 40 small water bodies have shown how management systems that combine harvest restrictions with enhancement using non-native carp and tilapia species can generate substantial productivity, socio-economic, and ecological benefits. Our work on Mekong wetlands fisheries was supported by the UK Department for International Development.


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